boil water advisory questions

What Does a Boil Water Advisory Mean?

When a flood happens in your area or water treatment infrastructure is damaged, your city or township may issue a boil water advisory. As the name implies, a boil water advisory means that people in the affected area should boil...

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woman drinking water

Is My Water Safe to Drink?

If your water smells or looks strange, or you’ve heard about contamination risks nearby, you might be wondering if your water is safe to drink. Water is essential for your health, but there are many different contaminants that can make...

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how to keep cool on construction sites

Heat Risks Rising for Construction Crews: 5 Tips to Keep Safe and Cool on Construction Sites

According to OSHA, 18 of the last 19 years were the hottest on record. OSHA has recently called for comments on a proposal to protect workers from heat risks, such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion. These risks are especially...

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reusable water bottle

Best Reusable Water Bottles in 2022

If you’re working on drinking more water this year, reducing plastic waste by cutting out plastic bottles, saving money by reducing convenience store purchases, or all of the above, a refillable water bottle is a must-have. You’re more likely to...

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plastic bottles water

12 Ways to Reduce Plastic At Home

Plastic is a problem. From ocean plastic to landfills to microplastics, this seemingly simple material has become problematic in many ways. If you’ve resolved this year to use less plastic, you may be wondering how to reduce plastics at home....

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best places to buy ice

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Ice?

Whether you’re filling your cooler to keep your lunch cold or you’re preparing for a party or outing, you may be wondering, where is the best place to buy ice? There are several options, and which one is best will...

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how much ice do i need for a party?

How Much Ice Do I Need?

Ice keeps your food and drinks cold when you’re on the go or having a party. During your workday or during your time off, you want to have enough ice so your food and drinks stay cool. So how much...

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tips and trick for food truck owners

9 Ways Food Trucks Can Cut Costs

Keeping costs down is important for any restaurant, but it’s especially important for food trucks. When food trucks can cut costs, owners can take home more profit, or reinvest in the business. Cutting costs doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality,...

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disaster relief

Twice the Ice Supports Hurricane Ida Victims in Disaster Relief

On August 29th, Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, after days of gaining strength through the Caribbean. After ravaging multiple states and thousands of miles, hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity or access to clean water. Partnering...

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reusable water bottle

What’s In Your Water? Tap Water Vs Bottled Water Vs Vended Water

Water is essential to good health. But when your water smells or tastes strange, you may be wondering what’s in your water, and whether it’s actually good for you or not. Let’s take a closer look at the clarity and...

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