disaster relief

Twice the Ice Supports Hurricane Ida Victims in Disaster Relief

On August 29th, Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, after days of gaining strength through the Caribbean. After ravaging multiple states and thousands of miles, hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity or access to clean water. Partnering...

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reusable water bottle

What’s In Your Water? Tap Water Vs Bottled Water Vs Vended Water

Water is essential to good health. But when your water smells or tastes strange, you may be wondering what’s in your water, and whether it’s actually good for you or not. Let’s take a closer look at the clarity and...

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bagged ice vs vended ice

Differences Between Traditional Bagged Ice vs Vended Ice

Whether you’re keeping your cooler cold during a day on the job, or you’re getting ready for a day at the beach, it’s helpful to know what type of ice is cheap, fresh, clean and easy to handle. The most...

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TTI Food Truck

9 Benefits of Twice the Ice for Food Truck Owners

The number of food trucks is growing fast. The food truck market is expected to grow about 5% over the next year, providing a collection of inventive and delicious food all over the country. As more and more aspiring restaurateurs...

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21 Unique Uses for Ice Cubes

Whether they’re keeping your drink fresh or keeping your food cold, ice cubes are useful for many things. But there are many other uses you might not be aware of. Here are 21 unique uses for ice cubes you may...

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entrepreneurship resources for veterans

7 Entrepreneurship Resources for Veterans Who Want to Start a Business

About 9% of businesses are majority-owned by veterans, amounting to about 2.52 million businesses. These include many different types of businesses, from franchises to tech start-ups to online companies to brick-and-mortar stores and more. Starting a business allows you to...

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top career opportunities for veterans

Top 5 Career Opportunities for Veterans

As a veteran, you may have traveled the world, gained valuable expertise, and taken on great challenges. However, translating these experiences back to civilian life can be a challenge. Some of the top career opportunities for veterans allow you to...

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companies that support veterans

5 Companies that Support Veterans That You Can Buy From Today

When service members return home, they may be dealing with injuries, psychological damage, or simply the challenges of reintegrating. Those that serve in the military as well as their families face a number of challenges. Take a look at these...

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why utility companies love twice the ice

Why Utility Companies Love Twice the Ice

Twice the Ice provides clean, clear ice to workers on-the-go. Utility companies love Twice the Ice for the affordable price, accessibility, and more. With additional benefits on the ICE2U app, Twice the Ice makes it easier than ever to get...

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benefits of twice the ice for restaurants

Benefits of Twice the Ice for Restaurants

Restaurants can use hundreds of pounds of ice each day, depending on the number of customers and the types of food and drinks the restaurant sells. Especially when the weather warms, ice demand can sometimes outstrip the production from an...

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