SmartIceā„¢ Remote Management System

Our SmartIce™ Remote Management System was designed to make managing your Ice House business a simple process. This is web-based application specifically developed to manage every part of your Ice House vending machine. Business owners can access real-time information and more on your smartphone or computer.

Save Money

With our SmartIce™ system, you never even have to leave your office to manage your ice machine. You don’t have to sacrifice time or money to maintain your Ice House ice machine; you can do it all from your smartphone or computer.

Grow Sales

SmartIce™ allows you to make informed decisions to grow your sales by providing you with the data you need.

Secure Data

You never have to worry about your data with SmartIce™ because all information is safely transmitted through our servers. No one can access your information but you.

Other Benefits

  • Customer Service Support – You can provide superior customer service without even leaving your office. You can resolve issues remotely with SmartIce™.
  • Operational Analysis – Receive email alerts to know immediately if you need to maintain and clean your machine.
  • Sales Analysis – Track your daily sales so you can know exactly how many customers you have and how much ice you are selling.
  • Support & Requirements – Receive free technical assistance and software updates. All you need to do when you receive your machine is log in; we’ll take care of the rest.

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