Planet Penguin

Reducing Plastic Waste and Pollution with Clean, Convenient Ice and Water Vending

At Twice the Ice we not only value what goes into our product, but the effect our machines have on the environment. Our ice and water is made on-site, avoiding the hazardous waste produced by large factories, bypassing the greenhouse gasses emitted by delivery trucks, and avoiding exposure to the various bacteria that your delivered ice & water products are susceptible to. The penguin has been symbolic in helping us build the Twice the Ice brand. We will continue to do our part to help limit the pollution our planet faces, and help ensure that our friend the penguin is here to stay.


No Trucks

Most bottled water and bagged ice is filtered and packaged in a factory, then shipped to convenience stores in refrigerated trucks. This shipping process introduces literal tons of greenhouse gases into the air. When there’s water very near most of us, this shipping process simply doesn’t make sense. With on-site filtration, purification and filing, Twice the Ice water and ice vending machines cut out the shipping process and remove all of the greenhouse gases from transport.

No Factory

Filtration, packaging and storage in a factory introduces more energy use and pollution into the environment. Twice the Ice eliminates this process by filtering ice and water on-site near you. The vending machines filter and dispense ice and water as-needed, so there’s no waste.


No Hands

Traditionally bagged, retail ice gets handled multiple times before it gets to your drink or cooler. It’s handled during manufacturing, shipping, loading, and unloading. All of this handling introduces more germs and more risk for diseases. With ice and water vending, you’re the only one handling your ice and water. With touchless vending using the ICE2U app, your ice and water has never been cleaner or safer.

No Bottle

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental threats we face today. Plastic is filling up oceans and landfills, killing wildlife, producing toxins, and using up nonrenewable resources. Twice the Ice makes it easy to refill your own containers with clean, crystal-clear ice or water. By reducing packaging, we’re doing our part to reduce plastic waste.

  • Every Healthwise/Twice Pure Water 5 gallon refill saves 40 single-use bottles from being consumed
  • The average Healthwise/TPW location saves in access of 300,000 single-use bottles per year with some locations saving over 1 million single-use bottles every year
plastic bottle

How You Can Help

Product waste is one of the biggest issues the environment faces in today’s world. Utilizing reusable coolers and water containers cuts down on a tremendous amount of styrofoam and plastic waste each year. The guide below shows proper cleaning methods for your cooler and water containers to ensure you get maximize quality, and do your part to protect the planet we all love.