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Get Your Ice Cheaper and Manage Purchases Easier with ICE2U

The ICE2U app makes ice buying easy for restaurants of all sizes. With ICE2U, you can easily find the closest ice vending machine and save money substantially on every ice purchase. Not only do you get more ice for a cheaper price at nearby vending machines, but you also accumulate rewards when you use the ICE2U app. You can make cashless purchases, manage team member accounts, see how much ice you’re using, and more. Whether you just need extra ice for a busy day, or you want to reduce costs on ice year-round, ICE2U can help.

Start an ICE2U account today to start getting clean, fresh ice at a more affordable price.

ICE2U Makes Ice Easy

Whether you just need a bit of extra ice or you need ice for your restaurant every day, the ICE2U app makes it easy. Using your ICE2U account, you can manage receipts in the app, make cashless purchases, get free vends and discounts, add staff members, set spending limits, and more. When you or any team members on your account buy ice using the ICE2U app, you’ll not only get more ice for a fraction of the cost of convenience store ice, but you’ll also get rewarded for every purchase you make. You can also track your ice use and spending with just a few clicks. With a map of all the ice vending machines nearby, you’ll also be able to make a purchase in the app and get ice from any machine, while generating rewards.

  • Get ice at a fraction of the cost of convenience store ice
  • Use mapping features to find the closest ice vending location
  • Make cashless purchases through the app
  • Use cleaner, fresher ice that is made just for you, on the spot
  • Generate rewards: buy 10, get one free
  • Mange all receipts in the app
  • Add employees to your account
  • Set spending limits and monitor purchases at any time
  • Make purchases in the app, so employees don’t have to carry cash or use a spending account.

Benefits to Restaurant Owners

There are many benefits of vended ice from Twice the Ice. If the commercial ice maker at your restaurant has broken down, isn’t producing the ice that you need, or you don’t have the space for an ice maker at your location, Twice the Ice can provide a valuable alternative. Plus, Twice the Ice makes ice even more affordable with rewards. When you buy 10 bags of ice, you’ll get one bag free. You can track your rewards in the app and take advantage of free vends. This makes it even easier to save money and purchase as much ice as you need.

ICE2U Business with ice
ICE2U business app

How Does It Work?

Anyone can purchase ice using a Twice the Ice vending machine, and anyone can download the free ICE2U app. When you enable the Team Plan, you’ll get access to many more features, including the ability to add team members, manage team accounts, set spending limits, see your receipts, and more.

  • Download the free ICE2U app and make an account
  • Add a payment method
  • Enable the Team Plan in your account
  • Add team members’ accounts with unique usernames and passwords
  • Set spending limits for each team member, if you choose
  • On the first of each month, receive an itemized list of purchases


Getting started with ICE2U is easy and managing your ice sales is easy too. Here are a few things you might want to know.

Simply download the ICE2U app and enable Teams on your account. Then you can add a credit card, add team members, manage sales, and more.

Yes. The account creator will be the Master Account. From this account, you can monitor employee purchases, create budgets for each team member, limit daily purchases, and more. Team members will use the payment method attached to the master account. To keep the payment method secure, team members will not have access to any payment information.

All team members you add to your Team Account will have unique login information. Team members will not have access to any Master Account features or information, such as the ability to set spending limits or change payment methods. This keeps your Master Account secure and keeps employee purchases separate from each other. 

You and any team members you’ve added can select a nearby vending machine on the map, make a purchase using the payment method attached to the account, and get ice directly from the machine, no cash or credit card required. This way, employees don’t have to carry cash, use a spending account, or bring back receipts.

Yes. With every 10 bags purchased, you will get 1 bag free. In addition, if you and your team purchase more than $1,000 in ice each month, you can qualify for a volume discount. Contact us to learn more.

Yes. With no transport, packaging or overhead costs, TTI machines provide ice at significantly cheaper prices than conventional bagged ice from convenience stores. With rewards and discounts through ICE2U, you can save even more.

Yes. Twice the Ice vending machines produce ice using the local water supply, just like tap water. The machine then filters and sanitizes ice further using the Healthwise or Twice Pure filtration and purification systems. Since there’s no handling or long storage times in between—as is the case with convenience store ice—it’s cleaner than traditional bagged ice from the convenience store or grocery store.

Yes. Within the app, you can see how much each team member has spent, where and when purchases were made, how much you’ve spent overall, or how much you’ve spent in a set time period.

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Yes. Within the app, you can see how much each team member has spent, where and when purchases were made, how much you’ve spent overall, or how much you’ve spent in a set time period.