The Twice the ice difference all starts with quality

The TTI Difference

The Twice the Ice mission is to provide the freshest, highest quality ice & water at the best value on the market. This starts with our trademarked Healthwise filtration / purification process, that each ice & water vending machines utilizes to provide a product unmatched in today’s industry. Check out what makes each Healthwise process unique.

We are also proud to introduce Twice Pure Water, which amplifies our Healthwise purification process and takes bulk water to a whole new level.  Keep an eye out for the Twice Pure logo coming soon to a market near you.


One of the benefits of our machines is that you will receive fresh, high quality ice and water vended 24/7. We have three distinct levels of water filtration / purification, which may vary depending on your market. Utilize the chart below to learn about each one.

Healthwise Filtration Healthwise Purification Twice Pure
Micron Filtration Check mark Check mark Check mark
Activated Carbon Filtration Check mark Check mark Check mark
Ion Exchange Check mark Check mark Check mark
2nd Micron Filtration Check mark Check mark
Reverse Osmosis Check mark Check mark
Chilling Process Check mark Check mark
Ozonation Check mark
Activated Carbon Filtration Check mark
Ultraviolet Light Cleansing Check mark Check mark Check mark
Antimicrobial Dispenser Check mark Check mark Check mark

5 Micron Filtration

Removes dirt, rust and other solids larger than 5 microns.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Eliminates chlorine, organic chemicals and any odors.

Ion Exchange

Softens water by removing minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron.


Reverse Osmosis

Purifies water to 99.99% by removing salts and other impurities.

Chilling Process

Water is chilled in ice room.


Eliminates any contaminants such as bacteria and algae.

Ultraviolet Light Cleansing

Sterilizes water to ensure safe, purified water.

Antimicrobial Dispenser

Resists growth of microorganisms.



The ease of buying ice & water from our vending machines, is one factor that separates us from the competition. No more lugging heavy bags of ice from the grocery store to your car or straining your back carrying two 5 gallon water jugs across the parking lot. Simply drive up to a Twice the Ice machine, select your product, place in your conveniently located vehicle, and enjoy!


The ultimate differentiator for Twice the Ice is our value. We not only bring a high quality product in the most convenient format, but also the highest level of value our category has ever seen. Check us out and you will see we are truly twice the ice!