ICE2U Mobile Application Launching Jacksonville, Fl – Mid April 2020

The ICE2U Android and iPhone mobile application will allow you to quickly find participating Twice the Ice machines in your area.  With the new mobile application you can earn loyalty points every time you get ice!

Buy 10 bags, get 1 bag free.  

Get a Free bag of Ice When We Launch!

Enter your email and we’ll notify you when we launch and give you a free bag of ice to one of our Jacksonville area machines.

We'll send you a coupon code for your free bag of ice to one of our Jacksonville area ice machines when we launch!

PLUS – You’ll be eligible for other promotions and be able to receive and utilize coupons directly through the mobile app on your phone.  The process is simple, you’ll download the application, make your ICE2U account, and then be able to start using coupons with no extra effort.

BONUS: if you link up a credit card, you can purchase ice and water with a touch of your phone and earn free products in the future.

Going fully cashless will allow us to provide you better service, offer loyalty points, and provide you a commerce option that doesn’t require your wallet – just a phone.

PLUS – going 100% cashless is more sanitary and better for you and the other patrons.

Coming soon to Jacksonville Florida. Nationwide summer of 2020.