ICE2U for Business:

Making Ice Purchases Easy for Employees and Managers

ICE2U for Business

ICE2U for Business Makes it Easy to Manage Ice Sales and Save Money

Whether you are on the road or you need a regular, reliable supply of ice near your store location, Twice the Ice makes it easy. ICE2U for Business allows you to easily manage your purchases across multiple locations, give employees individual access, monitor your purchases, and more. You can take advantage of discounts and free ice, find the closest ice vending machines, monitor each machine’s status, and much more. If you, your managers, or your employees frequently purchase ice on the road or bring it to your store, ICE2U for Business can help make this process seamless.


ICE2U for Business provides a range of convenient features to make it easy to manage your ice sales across multiple locations and multiple employees. If your employees are frequently purchasing ice as they travel or move between sites, or if you are frequently purchasing ice for your restaurant, food truck or another business, ICE2U for Business allows you to easily manage and monitor purchases. There’s no need for separate expense accounts or budgeting tools; you can manage all of your sales in the easy-to-use app.

ICE2U Business Features
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Benefits to Business Owners

We know how important it is to manage your purchases in detail. We make it easy to analyze your overall ice spending, assign and budget ice purchases for individual team members, study trends over time, take advantage of rewards, find the closest machines, and enjoy the cleanest, freshest, most affordable ice.

  • Find the closest ice locations
  • Take advantage of rewards and coupons
  • Create a master account and sub accounts for team members
  • Manage expense reports and receipts
  • Limit spending and assign budgets


Getting started with ICE2U for Business is easy and managing your ice sales is easy too. Here are a few things you might want to know.

Simply download the ICE2U app and designate your account as a business account. Then you can add a credit card, add team members, manage sales, and more.

Yes. With your master account, you can monitor employee purchases, create budgets, limit daily purchases, and more. Employees can then use the app and an attached credit card to make purchases. There’s no need for expense accounts or individual budgets.

Yes. With every 10 bags each individual purchases, they get 1 bag free. In addition, if you and your team purchase more than $1,000 in ice each month, you can qualify for a volume discount. Contact us to learn more.

Yes. With no transport, packaging or overhead costs, TTI machines provide ice at significantly cheaper prices than conventional bagged ice from convenience stores.

Yes. Within the app, you can see how much each team member has spent, how much you’ve spent overall, or how much you’ve spent in a set time period.

Get Started

Download the ICE2U app to get started. Then, you can designate your account as a business account, add team members, credit cards and more.