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9 Benefits of Twice the Ice for Food Truck Owners

The number of food trucks is growing fast. The food truck market is expected to grow about 5% over the next year, providing a collection of inventive and delicious food all over the country. As more and more aspiring restaurateurs open their food trucks, looking for ways to save money and increase business can provide an important edge over the competition. Twice the Ice provides a number of benefits to food trucks that can help owners save money and work more efficiently.

9 Benefits of Twice the Ice for Food Trucks

1. Twice the Ice is Cheaper

Twice the Ice is an affordable alternative to convenience store bagged ice. If you’re frequently filling coolers with bagged ice from grocery stores or convenience stores, you may have noticed costs adding up. Twice the Ice vending machines give you more ice for about half the price. This adds up to substantial savings over time.

2. Accumulate Rewards

When you make ice purchases through the ICE2U app, you’ll accumulate rewards with every purchase. You can make purchases at any ice and water vending machine, and you’ll get a free bag of ice after every ten purchases.

Download the free ICE2U app to get rewards and save money on ice 

3. Use Discounts

Ice and water vending machines are owned and operated by independent business owners. These business owners want your business, and they often provide incentives to bring in new customers. With the ICE2U app, you can see which nearby machines are offering discounts or free vends to attract new customers.

4. Enjoy Clean, Fresh Ice

Bagged ice at a convenience store may sit in an ice bunker for long periods. This ice is also handled by manufacturers and shippers before it gets to your cooler. Ice from Twice the Ice vending machines isn’t handled by anyone, except you. The ice maker within the vending machine also produces ice throughout the day, so the ice doesn’t sit in the bin for long periods. With ultraviolet light cleansing, micron filtration, ion exchange and multiple purification measures, the ice is also clean, fresh, and tasty.

5. No Ice Blocks

How many times have you purchased bagged ice from a convenience store and found a tough block of ice at the center of the bag? When the bagged ice thaws and refreezes throughout the day as sunlight shifts and temperatures change, it creates unwieldy blocks. Since Twice the Ice machines make ice throughout the day, your ice is always in nice, neat cubes.

6. Accessible

As your food truck moves, you need an accessible source of ice, no matter where you go. With the ICE2U app, you can see the full map of ice vending machines in your area, and access the closest machine easily.

7. Fast

Do you always seem to run out of ice when your food truck is busiest? When you go to get more ice, does it seem like every other customer is waiting in line at the convenience store too? Twice the Ice helps you skip the line, which can be a huge benefit for food trucks during busy times. Customers are only buying ice at these vending machines, so you won’t have to wait in long lines with dozens of items. You also won’t have to wait for an employee to unlock an ice bunker. You can make your purchase and get on your way again, fast.

8. Cashless Vending

Do you worry a bit about giving employees cash to make ice purchases? Do you find it tedious to manage extra change and receipts? When you use the ICE2U app, you and your employees can make cashless purchases directly from the app, so there’s no need to distribute cash or disrupt the till. You can also set spending limits to be sure you don’t overspend.

9. Manage Receipts Easily

As you make purchases in the ICE2U app, you’ll also have access to electronic receipts and spending reports. You can see who made ice purchases, how much they spent, and which vending machine they used. You can also take a look at larger spending insights, such as how much ice you’ve purchased over the year and access receipts for tax time.

These benefits of Twice the Ice for food trucks might seem small at first, but these time and money saving hacks can add up quickly. Download the free ICE2U app to take advantage of rewards and mapping features. When you sign up for a Teams account, you can also give employees access to cashless purchases, rewards, and more.

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