ways for businesses to be more ecofriendly

5 Big Ways for Businesses to Be More Eco-Friendly

Increasingly, consumers are taking notice of business’s effects on the environment, and showing preference for businesses that are environmentally conscious. Whether you’re trying to appeal to consumers or taking an ethical stance, here are 5 big ways for businesses to...

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tips to stay hydrated

Top 5 Tips to Stay Hydrated in 2021

By now, you’ve probably heard of the many benefits of drinking water. If you’re making an effort to drink more water in 2021, but you’re finding it difficult to make the switch, here are a few tips to help stay...

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impact on environment

Twice the Ice’s Impact on the Environment

Business practices play an increasingly important role in the preservation of our environment. Individuals can only be expected to take on so much responsibility, and any individual’s impact is limited to their own consumption. Twice the Ice is committed to...

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water bottle pollution

5 Ways Plastic Harms the Environment

Plastic is everywhere. From soda bottles to cars, packaging to electronics, fishing gear to clothing and everything in between, it’s not surprising that such a widely used substance has environmental consequences. Though plastic has many advantages in the right situation,...

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reusable water bottle

Best Reusable Water Bottles in 2022

If you’re working on drinking more water this year, reducing plastic waste by cutting out plastic bottles, saving money by reducing convenience store purchases, or all of the above, a refillable water bottle is a must-have. You’re more likely to...

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plastic bottles water

The 5 Easiest, Biggest Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly in 2021

In 2021, more people than ever are wondering what our surrounding environment will look like as we grow old and our children grow up. Many of our New Year’s Resolutions include commitment to the planet. Many of these changes take...

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