plastic ocean

5 Easy Swaps to Avoid 800 Single-Use Plastic Trash Items Every Year

By now, you’ve surely heard of the damage that plastic is doing. It’s filling our oceans and waterways, killing wildlife, polluting soil and food with microplastic, and filling landfills. The process of creating it uses oil, which pollutes the air...

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ways businesses are fighting plastic waste

8 Exciting Ways Businesses Are Fighting Plastic Waste

Increasingly, consumers and businesses are looking for ways to live and work in ways that are gentler to the environment. A big aspect of this is reducing plastic waste. A wide variety of businesses around the world are looking at...

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water bottle pollution

5 Ways Plastic Harms the Environment

Plastic is everywhere. From soda bottles to cars, packaging to electronics, fishing gear to clothing and everything in between, it’s not surprising that such a widely used substance has environmental consequences. Though plastic has many advantages in the right situation,...

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ways for businesses to be more ecofriendly

4 Easy Ways Businesses Can Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic waste has become a colossal problem. Many individuals, families, and businesses are wondering how they can use less plastic and help shrink this problem in the future. Businesses can play an important role in reducing plastic waste and become...

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TTI machine

Vended Ice vs Convenience Store Ice: Which is Better?

If you frequently buy ice for your cooler, lunchbox or your business, you probably buy ice from a convenience store. But is this the best source of ice? Let’s consider costs, sanitation, environmental impact and other factors as we compare...

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Tourist reusable blue bottle in a woman's hand on a mountain background

Does a Reusable Water Bottle Really Reduce Plastic Waste?

By now, most of us have heard about the problems with plastic. It turns into microplastics that have contaminated just about everything, it kills wildlife, and its production creates harmful chemicals, among other things. Any effort to reduce plastic waste...

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reusable water bottle

Best Reusable Water Bottles in 2022

If you’re working on drinking more water this year, reducing plastic waste by cutting out plastic bottles, saving money by reducing convenience store purchases, or all of the above, a refillable water bottle is a must-have. You’re more likely to...

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plastic bottles water

12 Ways to Reduce Plastic At Home

Plastic is a problem. From ocean plastic to landfills to microplastics, this seemingly simple material has become problematic in many ways. If you’ve resolved this year to use less plastic, you may be wondering how to reduce plastics at home....

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top ecofriendly brands in 2021

Top 6 Eco-Friendly Brands in 2021

There are many ways for businesses to be eco-friendly. Some businesses are switching to sustainable packaging, others are sponsoring innovative sustainability initiatives, while others are making history by developing innovative eco-friendly products. All businesses are different, so it's difficult to...

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ways for businesses to be more ecofriendly

5 Big Ways for Businesses to Be More Eco-Friendly

Increasingly, consumers are taking notice of business’s effects on the environment, and showing preference for businesses that are environmentally conscious. Whether you’re trying to appeal to consumers or taking an ethical stance, here are 5 big ways for businesses to...

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