what is the ice bath trend

What is the Ice Bath Trend and is it Healthy?

If you’ve scrolled on social media at all in the last few weeks, you may have seen the “ice bath trend.” Plunging into ice water is a cool new trend, but it’s far from new. While ice bathing can be...

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make your own air conditioner with ice

How to Easily Make Your Own Air Conditioner

As temperatures rise, it can be difficult to find anywhere that’s comfortable. Yet, air conditioners are expensive, and they’re hard to install. So, what can you do when the temperature gets unbearable and you don’t have air conditioning? Let’s take...

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best ice for tailgating

The Best Coolers for Keeping Ice Cold in 2023

Whether you’re getting ready for a beach vacation, camping trip, outdoor party, tailgating or another adventure, it’s helpful to have a reliable cooler for your food and drinks. It can be difficult to know which coolers will keep your food,...

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how do water filters work

How Do Water Filters Work?

Whether you have a water filter in your water pitcher, on your faucet, or underneath your sink, you might wonder how water filters work. If you’ve heard of recent water contamination events, you might also wonder what contaminants your water...

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train your brain to drink more water

Am I Drinking Healthy Water?

When it comes to consuming unhealthy things, moderation is often a good solution. Most unhealthy foods and drinks, when consumed in moderation, aren’t harmful to your health. However, water is essential for life and it’s impossible to consume water in...

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tips to prepare for flu season

8 Tips to Prepare for Flu Season: Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

Flu season is coming up fast, and some of us may have already experienced some symptoms. In the wake of COVID-19 vaccinations and improved healthcare outlooks to treat the illness, many large-scale venues have reopened. This not only means more...

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12 ways to stay cool this summer

12 Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer

Summers are getting hotter and staying cool can be a challenge. We wrote a list of tips to help you stay cool this summer, whether you’re staying in the shade inside or you’re enjoying the outdoors. 12 Ways to Stay...

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train your brain to drink more water

How to Train Your Brain to Drink More Water

If you don’t like drinking water, but you know the health benefits of it, you may have wondered how you can build a better habit. There are a few ways you train your brain to drink more water. This way,...

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boil water advisory questions

What Does a Boil Water Advisory Mean?

When a flood happens in your area or water treatment infrastructure is damaged, your city or township may issue a boil water advisory. As the name implies, a boil water advisory means that people in the affected area should boil...

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woman drinking water

Is My Water Safe to Drink?

If your water smells or looks strange, or you’ve heard about contamination risks nearby, you might be wondering if your water is safe to drink. Water is essential for your health, but there are many different contaminants that can make...

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