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Top 5 Tips to Stay Hydrated in 2021

By now, you’ve probably heard of the many benefits of drinking water. If you’re making an effort to drink more water in 2021, but you’re finding it difficult to make the switch, here are a few tips to help stay hydrated.

Top 5 Tips to Stay Hydrated in 2021

Maybe you’ve committed to drinking more water because you’ve heard how important water is to your health. Or maybe you want to cut down on unhealthy drinks like soda or alcohol, and replace them with water. Whatever your reasoning, now is a great time to stay hydrated and build healthy habits.

1. Get a Reusable Water Bottle

Buying a new bottle of water every time you want to quench your thirst probably isn’t realistic even if you don’t drink plain water that much. Besides filling up your trash can, disposable plastic bottles harm the environment in many ways. Instead, get a reusable water bottle that you’ll enjoy bringing with you. This might be a bottle with an attractive design, appealing features, sturdy construction, or even purification built-in.

Investing in a water bottle that you really like can help you to get excited about introducing new healthy habits to your routine. However, you don’t have to invest a lot to get a refillable bottle that you enjoy. To start with, purchase a drink in a glass bottle, and simply reuse that. Many people get mugs and water bottles as gifts and end up donating them because they take up too much cabinet space. Take a look at thrift shops to find like-new water bottles for a fraction of the price.

2. Use a Water Pitcher

If your water at home has a metallic or chemical taste, it can prevent you from drinking water and staying hydrated. Use a refillable water pitcher with a purifier built-in to get rid of metals and other impurities. Or, install a purifier on your kitchen faucet. Keep your water pitcher or another large container in your fridge so you’ll have cool, clean water ready whenever you want it.

3. Flavor Your Water

If you’re used to drinking soda, juice or other flavorful beverages, water can seem pretty boring by comparison. Instead of forcing yourself to drink a boring beverage, add some flavor to your water.

You might add a lemon or lime wedge to your reusable water bottle for an extra kick, or drop in some flavor drops. If you find fruits and some vegetables in your fridge that are about to go bad, cut them up and add them to your water pitcher instead. Almost any fruits will add extra flavor to your water, while vegetables like cucumbers, herbs like mint, or even ginger root can also be a tasty addition.

4. Make Water Available

The best way to start a new habit is to make it as easy as possible. To make it easy to stay hydrated in 2021, add as many water bottles as you can to your routine. You might keep a water bottle on your desk, in your gym bag, in your living room, in the kitchen, in the car, by your bed or other places where you spend some time.

Make sure these bottles seal up tight so they won’t spill when you’re on the go. You’ll probably end up with quite a few half-filled bottles, but that’s okay—keep your bottle sealed and it will be waiting for you when you get back. Just be careful not to leave lime wedges or other flavor additions in the bottle, or it can start to mold.

5. Add More Exercise

If your overall health is an important part of your healthy habits in 2021, exercise and hydration go hand-in-hand. When we’re outside in warm weather or when we’re physically active—and especially when we’re doing both—our bodies need more water. Cool, clean water tastes even better after a walk around the neighborhood, a short workout, a bike ride, or another physical activity.

Make time to exercise with friends or family to get this healthy habit started, or try an exciting new activity you’re curious about. Don’t be afraid to start small; even a five minute walk each day can start to improve your health. Take your water bottle with you when you exercise, or make sure you have a water bottle on-hand when you get home or get back to your car.

When you make it easy to drink more water and make water more accessible throughout your day, you’re more likely to keep staying hydrated in 2021. You’ll also be more likely to reduce your intake of sugary drinks. Using your refillable water bottle will also help to reduce plastic waste. Ultimately, your body and the planet will thank you for drinking more water.

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