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Vended Ice vs Convenience Store Ice: Which is Better?

If you frequently buy ice for your cooler, lunchbox or your business, you probably buy ice from a convenience store. But is this the best source of ice? Let’s consider costs, sanitation, environmental impact and other factors as we compare...

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best places to buy ice

Is Inflation Increasing Ice Prices? 4 Ways to Fight Inflation

Inflation has been a hot topic for the last two years. Prices of nearly every item have increased faster than normal, while wages have not kept pace. Consumers and businesses alike are wondering how to fight inflation, and how they...

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Tourist reusable blue bottle in a woman's hand on a mountain background

Does a Reusable Water Bottle Really Reduce Plastic Waste?

By now, most of us have heard about the problems with plastic. It turns into microplastics that have contaminated just about everything, it kills wildlife, and its production creates harmful chemicals, among other things. Any effort to reduce plastic waste...

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tips to prepare for flu season

8 Tips to Prepare for Flu Season: Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

Flu season is coming up fast, and some of us may have already experienced some symptoms. In the wake of COVID-19 vaccinations and improved healthcare outlooks to treat the illness, many large-scale venues have reopened. This not only means more...

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best ice for tailgating

How to Find the Best Ice for Tailgating

Tailgating is one of the most fun parts of football season. Meeting with friends, family and other fans, enjoying food and drinks, and watching an exciting game is a great way to start the autumn season off right. Clean, clear,...

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how twice the ice supports communities

How Twice the Ice Supports Communities

Twice the Ice and parent company Ice House America are dedicated to building exceptional ice and water vending machines, and helping business owners create thriving businesses. But we’re also dedicated to supporting our communities. Working with Folds of Honor and...

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how to fight dehydration

How to Fight Dehydration in Hot Weather

As summer ramps up and temperatures rise, dehydration and heat illness become bigger risks. Knowing what dehydration looks like, what can worsen dehydration, and how to fight dehydration, will make summer much more enjoyable for you and your friends and...

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nonalcoholic cocktail recipes

5 Classy, Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes You Must Try This Summer

Whether you’re planning a party or you just want to treat yourself at home, relaxing with a cold cocktail in hot weather is a great time. But more and more people are avoiding alcohol, while still looking for a classy...

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plastic ocean

How to Reduce Plastic in the Ocean: 9 Ways That Can Actually Help

Ocean plastic is a big problem that’s getting bigger every year. Ocean plastics have formed enormous garbage patches twice the size of Texas, killed millions of marine animals every year, and microplastics are now polluting everything on the planet, including...

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bagged ice vs vended ice

What Would You Do with Free Ice for a Year?

What would you do with free ice for a year? Twice the Ice is giving away a year’s worth of ice for users who make purchases on the ICE2U app this summer. So what would you do with all that...

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