what is the ice bath trend

What is the Ice Bath Trend and is it Healthy?

If you’ve scrolled on social media at all in the last few weeks, you may have seen the “ice bath trend.” Plunging into ice water is a cool new trend, but it’s far from new. While ice bathing can be...

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holiday hacks for party preparation

17 Holiday Hacks on Ice: Party Preparation Secrets Using Ice

The holiday season can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful. Preparing meals for family and friends, cleaning the house, and running to the grocery store to get everything you need can create a big to-do list....

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ways businesses are fighting plastic waste

8 Exciting Ways Businesses Are Fighting Plastic Waste

Increasingly, consumers and businesses are looking for ways to live and work in ways that are gentler to the environment. A big aspect of this is reducing plastic waste. A wide variety of businesses around the world are looking at...

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make your own air conditioner with ice

How to Easily Make Your Own Air Conditioner

As temperatures rise, it can be difficult to find anywhere that’s comfortable. Yet, air conditioners are expensive, and they’re hard to install. So, what can you do when the temperature gets unbearable and you don’t have air conditioning? Let’s take...

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water bottle pollution

5 Ways Plastic Harms the Environment

Plastic is everywhere. From soda bottles to cars, packaging to electronics, fishing gear to clothing and everything in between, it’s not surprising that such a widely used substance has environmental consequences. Though plastic has many advantages in the right situation,...

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bagged ice vs vended ice

8 Reasons to Try Ice Vending This Summer

If you’ve never visited an ice vending machine before, this summer is the perfect time to start. For all of those curious about ice vending, or for those simply looking for better alternatives to convenience store ice for their workday...

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ways for businesses to be more ecofriendly

4 Easy Ways Businesses Can Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic waste has become a colossal problem. Many individuals, families, and businesses are wondering how they can use less plastic and help shrink this problem in the future. Businesses can play an important role in reducing plastic waste and become...

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best ice for tailgating

The Best Coolers for Keeping Ice Cold in 2023

Whether you’re getting ready for a beach vacation, camping trip, outdoor party, tailgating or another adventure, it’s helpful to have a reliable cooler for your food and drinks. It can be difficult to know which coolers will keep your food,...

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how do water filters work

How Do Water Filters Work?

Whether you have a water filter in your water pitcher, on your faucet, or underneath your sink, you might wonder how water filters work. If you’ve heard of recent water contamination events, you might also wonder what contaminants your water...

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train your brain to drink more water

Am I Drinking Healthy Water?

When it comes to consuming unhealthy things, moderation is often a good solution. Most unhealthy foods and drinks, when consumed in moderation, aren’t harmful to your health. However, water is essential for life and it’s impossible to consume water in...

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