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5 Companies that Support Veterans That You Can Buy From Today

When service members return home, they may be dealing with injuries, psychological damage, or simply the challenges of reintegrating. Those that serve in the military as well as their families face a number of challenges. Take a look at these companies that support veterans and their families. When you buy from these businesses, you’re giving back to veterans as well.

5 Companies that Support Veterans That You Can Buy From Today

When it comes to highlighting the charitable contributions of any business, it can be difficult to choose. Many large American companies make some donations to veteran causes, from retailers to insurance companies to railroads and many more. There are also many technology companies, B2B companies, and others that are veteran-owned and support many military causes. While these contributions are valuable, we’ve chosen to highlight a diverse selection of smaller B2C companies that support veterans in this blog post, which represent many different products.

1. Twice the Ice

Twice the Ice makes and operates a network of ice and water vending machines, and provides franchise opportunities for prospective business owners. Customers can make ice and water purchases through the ICE2U, making it easy to get ice on-the-go. 1% of all ICE2U app purchases are donated to Folds of Honor. Folds of Honor provides scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled services members.

Twice the Ice is also a part of the VetFran network. The VetFran network helps veterans and service members find jobs and start businesses. With educational and networking resources, the VetFran network and Twice the Ice and helping veterans start franchises and build bright futures.

IHA has specific programs to help Veterans get started. To learn more about franchise opportunities, click here.

2. BoldFoot

BoldFoot specializes in sturdy, high-quality socks that are both comfortable and attractive. With dozens of designs, as well as athletic and compression socks, BoldFoot makes socks for all different people and purposes. Their fabric is sourced in the USA and the socks are sewn in the USA as well. They also donate 5% of profits are “donated to assist U.S. Military Veterans in need of jobs, housing, improved health and more (through partnerships with nonprofits that are all rated 5-stars by Charity Navigator),” according to the BoldFoot website.

3. Combat Flip Flops

Combat Flip Flops designs and manufacturers footwear, apparel and accessories that are made to last. Combat Flip Flops not only makes sturdy shoes and clothing, but also seeks to build a better world. Their products are made by family-owned businesses and artisans in Laos, Afghanistan and Columbia. Combat Flip Flops not only seeks to build a high-quality product without exploitative labor, but also seeks to “stop the cycle of violence and human suffering around the world,” and find “a way to create jobs, fund women’s education and improve people’s lives” according to the Combat Flip Flop website.

This company supports veterans and those in war-torn areas through a number of admirable charities, including Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE), which provides education to marginalized Afghan women and girls, Mines Advisory Group (MAG), which removes and destroys landmines and other weapons left in war-torn areas, and The Station Foundation (TSF), a non-government agency providing resources to help all members and families of the Special Operations Community attain the same elite performance in their personal lives that they enjoy in uniform

4. Boss Dog

Boss Dog makes high-quality pet food, treats and accessories. They specialize in Greek-style yogurt treats for pets. These treats are made with nutritious ingredients and provide digestive and health benefits for our furry friends. Boss Dog is not only committed to helping pets live healthier lives, but also committed to improving the lives of humans and pets everywhere. According to the Boss Dog website, “we not only have a heart for your pet, but we also have a heart for YOU. Every month we allocate a certain amount to a number of amazing organizations.” This company supports veterans and their pets by giving back to Pets for Vets, Heroes for Healthcare, Folds of Honor, the Wounded Warrior Project, Victory Service Dogs, and many more.

5. R. Riveter

R. Riveter was named after Rosie the Riveter, the iconic woman who became a symbol of the World War II war effort. R. Riveter is a network of veterans and military spouses crafting high-quality, one-of-a-kind handbags, wallets and accessories. This network accommodates the mobile lifestyle that military families face, and helps to create a supportive system that provides meaningful work opportunities. The R.Riveter’s Military Spouse Entrepreneurship Award empowers American military families by helping to finance their entrepreneurial aspirations.

From entrepreneurship to recovery to meaningful global impacts, these small businesses are supporting veterans, service members and their families in many different ways. Check out these companies and you can support America’s armed services while enjoying high-quality products.

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