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Why Utility Companies Love Twice the Ice

Twice the Ice provides clean, clear ice to workers on-the-go. Utility companies love Twice the Ice for the affordable price, accessibility, and more. With additional benefits on the ICE2U app, Twice the Ice makes it easier than ever to get clean ice anywhere, manage purchases, and save time.

Why Utility Companies Love Twice the Ice

Whether for routine maintenance, minor repairs after a storm, or major repairs after a weather disaster, utility workers often find themselves working from trucks and mobile units. Twice the Ice helps to keep lunches cold and provide clean water in all types of situations. ICE2U also helps managers keep track of purchases, manage spending, and track usage.

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Alternative to Convenience Stores

Twice the Ice vending machines provide ice at more affordable prices than convenience stores. Ice vending machines also sell only ice and water, while convenience stores make it easy to use employee expense accounts for unauthorized purchases.

Individual Accounts

Using the Teams feature in the ICE2U app, managers can create a master account and designate employee accounts for all team members. This gives the master account holder complete control and visibility over all other accounts, while still giving employees individual logins, accounts and passwords.

Usage Reports

Using the Team features in the ICE2U app, account managers can see how much ice each employee is buying, where they are purchasing ice, and when they are making purchases.

Cashless Purchases

When using ICE2U Teams, each employee can make purchases within the app. This eliminates the need for expense accounts and cash disbursements, while making purchases easy to manage from anywhere.

Spending Limits

The ICE2U app also allows managers to set spending limits. You can set spending limits on individual accounts to ensure that all team members stay on budget and ensure that the budget is distributed evenly.


Vended ice from Twice the Ice machines is already more affordable than convenience store ice. When using the ICE2U app, you can also acquire rewards and free vends. With multiple team members and teams attached to the account, you will acquire free ice quickly. With every 10 bags purchased, the master account will collect a free bag of ice to distribute as needed.

Saving Time

In addition to making it easy to manage spending, Twice the Ice and ICE2U also help utility companies and managers save time by making it easy to manage expense reports and receipts. Master account holders can view expense reports from individual accounts, total spending, track spending trends, and more. Managing this data in one place makes budgeting and budget management easy.

Easy Tax Management

With all receipts in a single system, it’s simple to access spending reports for tax purposes. You can view, download and print total spending reports, individual spending and more. All the information you need is contained and accessible within a single system.

Easy Mapping

Finding the closest ice vending machine is easy with the ICE2U map feature. Master account holders and employees can look at the map using the app and see where the closest ice machine is located, no matter where they are. The map also shows the status of the machine, which is particularly helpful during electrical outages, flooding or other damaging weather disasters.

When your employees are on-the-go, especially in difficult circumstances and weather extremes, it can be tough to manage expenses and ensure employees have what they need. Twice the Ice makes it easy, providing numerous benefits to utility companies. Utility companies and workers continue to rely on Twice the Ice for fresh, clean, vended ice on-the-go, and Twice the Ice is proud to support them.



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