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Benefits of Twice the Ice for Restaurants

Restaurants can use hundreds of pounds of ice each day, depending on the number of customers and the types of food and drinks the restaurant sells. Especially when the weather warms, ice demand can sometimes outstrip the production from an ice machine. In other cases, the restaurant may not have space or investment for a commercial ice maker. Or, the existing ice machine might break down. In these situations, Twice the Ice can help. There are many benefits of using Twice the Ice for your restaurant. Here are just a few.

Benefits of Twice the Ice for Restaurants

Supplemental Ice

The size and capacity of an ice machine determines how much ice it can produce. The most expensive commercial ice makers can produce hundreds of pounds of ice, but these machines are also large, costly, and consume lots of energy. In most cases, your restaurant might not use enough ice for this kind of investment to make sense. However, on very hot or busy days when demand spikes, your ice machine might not be able to keep up. In this case, it’s helpful to have a source of supplemental ice.

Twice the Ice vending machines produce clean, clear ice on the spot. You can fill a bag, a cooler, or another container to bring back to your restaurant and supplement your supply of ice.

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No Break-Downs

Ice machines, like any piece of equipment, will break down at some point. A lack of cleaning can cause the ice machine to break down, as can weather extremes. When the temperature in the kitchen exceeds 95 degrees, the ice machines can overheat and shut down. Unfortunately, this is often when the demand for ice spikes.

Twice the Ice vending machines are built to withstand intense weather, and will continue to produce ice even when the temperature climbs. You don’t need to worry about break-downs during high-demand times and you’ll always have a source of ice nearby.

No Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your ice machine working properly. Cleaning and sanitizing the machine, removing scale and buildup, changing the filter, and cleaning the ice bin are all important steps to keep the machine running properly. Proper maintenance is also important to prevent mold and bacteria from contaminating the ice. As condensation builds up on the inside of the machine, this encourages mold growth on hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, which can make customers sick as they consume the ice.

Twice the Ice machines are carefully cleaned and maintained by the vending machine owners. With a careful cleaning and sanitation process, Twice the Ice machines produce clean ice with every vend. Restaurants don’t need to worry about time-consuming maintenance, and can still enjoy clean, cool ice.

Affordable Alternative

Convenience store ice can quickly become expensive. Extra costs from shipping, storage, and profit margins drive up the cost of convenience store ice, which can start to eat into restaurant profits when the need for supplemental ice arises. Twice the Ice vending machines produce ice at a fraction of the price, providing significant savings.

Easy to Manage

Managing paper receipts, employee expense reports, or line items on a credit card can quickly become chaotic when managing your ice purchases. Twice the Ice makes it easy to manage your sales in the ICE2U app. You can see all purchases, make unique accounts for employees, track rewards, and more, all from the app. You can also easily document your purchases for tax purposes.


Twice the Ice makes it easy to find the closest location to get ice. Use the map on the ICE2U app to find the closest vending machine, make sure it’s in full working order, and even make purchases directly on the app.

Get Rewards

Twice the Ice already produces affordable ice, but makes ice even more affordable with rewards. When you buy 10 bags of ice, you’ll get one bag free. You can track your rewards in the app and take advantage of free vends. This makes it even easier to save money and purchase as much ice as you need.

There are many benefits of vended ice from Twice the Ice. If the commercial ice maker at your restaurant has broken down, isn’t producing the ice that you need, or you don’t have the space for an ice maker at your location, Twice the Ice can provide a valuable alternative. Learn more about ICE2U for Business and how to get a free ice bag when you sign up.



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